Thursday, May 16, 2013

Simplify with a low-maintenance garden

National Garden Bureau collected tips from its Facebook fans about creating a low-maintenance garden. Here are some of tips they provided.

1. Selected the right plants for your location. The more you try to test the boundaries of garden zones and climates, the more difficult it will be for plants to thrive.

2. Choose perennials that are slower growing so there is less of a need for dividing or thinning them.

3. Choose annuals varieties that don't require a lot of dead-heading to stay tidy and clean.

4. Consider native plants, which are more likely to hardy in your area and have already adapted to your climatic conditions.

5. Make good choices for companion plantings. Consider plants that can overgrow early flowering species, such as spring bulb crops, that die back reducing the need to trim or remove yellowing or dying foliage.
Gardening can be made simpler by designing and installing
a low-maintenance garden. 

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