Friday, May 17, 2013

Protect your home from wildfires

Every spring, homeowners should inspect their property to eliminate hazards that can burn their homes and damage their property from spreading wildfires. Dried grass, brush, and dead leaves provide fuel to a wildfire.

Green vegetation rarely burns or greatly slows down the progression of a fire. Creating a barrier 3- to 5-foot wide barrier with stone mulches also helps reduce the threat posed by ground-based wildfires.

Cleaning out gutters and eaves of dried leaves and needles as well as removing debris off of the roof can prevent aairbornee embers from igniting the roof of a home. Dried leaves and grass that pile up under outdoor decks and porches should also be cleaned out regularly to reduce the risk of embers being blown underneath a deck or porch and starting a fire.

Consider removing all but scattered trees within a 30- to 60-foot fuel break around a home. Any trees left within this fuel break should be pruned of all branches up to a height of 6-10 feet from the ground. This helps prevent fast-moving ground fires from “laddering” up into the tree crowns.
Now is a good time for homeowners to inspect their
property to eliminate hazards that can burn their
 homes and damage their property from wildfires.


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