Saturday, May 18, 2013

Avoid over-fertilizing perennial plants

Perennial flowers, ground covers and grasses generally don’t need a lot of fertilizer and, in fact, some will react negatively if too much is applied. Heavy fertilization of perennial plants can cause excessive growth than can lead to flopping over half-way through the gardening season. Over-fertilization can also affect bloom performance, producing ample foliage at the expense of the number of flowers produced.

Plants in a healthy garden soil with organic material may require no fertilization. Soil composed primarily of sand with little organic natter, may benefit from routine, light fertilization. Application of a slow-release fertilizer can meet the season-long nutrient requirements, but a balanced fertilizer such as 20-5-10 can also be used.
Slow-release fertilizers are formulated to be effective
for either three to four months or five to six months.

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