Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May, the Quick-Grow Month

I love May in the garden. The plants are vibrantly alive with flowers and the beginnings of fruit. Lovely scents permeate the air and loud colors demand appreciation. May also brings a slight turn of season for I have removed the majority of my early spring flowers: the pansies, violas, nasturtiums, and early wildflowers. The sweet peas have been removed to prevent the spread of mold to the vegetables. Their scent is replaced by white jasmine, that unmistakable May fragrance. We have been fortunate to have more sunny days than "May Gray" days and I hope that means "June Gloom" will not send too many overcast days our way. The garden is off to a great start and we will whether the clouds (if needed) with mildew spray and field trips to the Eastern (and sunnier) part of the county.

Butterfly Garden with Yarrow and Sage
Large tomatoes were planted 4/1, the smaller ones on 5/6. Staggering ensures fruit through the season.
Testing my green thumb with Japanese eggplant
Peppers in supports, lettuce, and cucumbers
Wildflower bed making way for future pepper patch
Patio flower bed with jasmine, lemon verbena, kangaroo paw, lavender, and purple hibiscus
Alternate view of patio
Pomegranate blooms
Artichokes are coming in!
Artichoke patch under the pomegranate tree
Sugar pie pumpkins grown from seed
The site of the future pumpkin patch
My first Hot Coco Rose

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