Tuesday, May 8, 2012

16th Annual Clairemont Garden Tour 2012

The Clairemont Garden Tour is back and better than ever! I saw the reemergence of wonderful, do-it-yourself gems and some amazing show-stoppers! The diverse central San Diego garden tour, which encompasses the area east of Interstate 5, south of Interstate 52, and west of Interstate 805, had a lovely range of 14 gardens that showcased multiple themes including an Tuscan Terrace, a Southwest Tropical front yard, an extensive canyon property with chickens, a model train front yard, a terraced butterfly garden, and a combination Tropical Rain forest/ floral garden. Included in many of the gardens were terraced hillsides tailored to the topography of the area, drought tolerant xeriscaping and native plants, certified wildlife gardens that provide food, water, cover and shelter to animals, and fruit trees incorporated into the landscaping. Vegetable garden plots were smaller this year, with a lot more focus on the flowers. But oh, the flowers: Hydrangea, lilies, roses, epiphyllum, protea, grevillea, multiple kinds of butterfly bush, and so many more! Some gardens were nascent developments, just beginning to put their roots down. Other gardens have been established for up to 20 years. Many thanks to the exhibitors, Clairemont Town Council, volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible!

Avanti Tuscan Terrace in Bay Ho

This certified wildlife habitat had water, plants to provide food, cover and shelter for animals.

A perfect spot to read on a hot summer day
Grape vines make a living roof
Terracing follows the lay of the land

Cole Canyon View Garden in Northwestern Clairemont

View from patio, fruit trees line perimeter of garden
Stairs through the terraced garden beds connect the lower level to the patio.
Drought tolerant succulents look lush, not sparse.
Chicken coop!
Terraced garden beds maximize cultivated space
Sunglow Butterfly Terrace in Northeastern Clairemont

A waterfall with pool creates relaxing garden soundtrack.
Butterfly nectar flowers - Butterflies were released earlier that day!
Another view of waterfall and pool.
Butterfly garden terracing provides food an shelter for winged friends.
 Burgener Rain Forest Garden in Bay Park

Walkways lead through the garden like secret passages
Second level walkway leading to greenhouse on top of home
What could be around this turn?
Light and shadow display amazing textures

To view more pictures of the 2012 Clairemont Garden Tour, please click here to see my entire photo album of the event.

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