Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Be on the look out for rose rosette disease symptoms

If you have roses in your garden you should familiarize yourself with the symptoms of a disease that seems to be occurring more regularly. Rose rosette disease is caused by a virus that is transmitted by a tiny eriophyid mite. This mite is so small it cannot be easily seen. It is important to inspect rose plants on a regular basis looking for disease symptoms.

When a rose plant is infected with the disease highly unusual symptoms develop making the disease more  recognizable. Symptoms include:
* New leaves and stems are a bright, rich, red color.
* Leaves are distorted and twisted.
* There may be a proliferation of leaves.
* Stems grow slowly and produce an excessive number of thorns.
* There may be so many thorns that the stem is not visible and the thorns are often tinged red.

Other healthy roses can contract the disease from an infected plant. Roses exhibiting symptoms should be destroyed immediately.  Insect and mites pests should be controlled on healthy plants.
One of the symptoms of rose rosette disease
is stems that grow slowly and produce an
excessive number of thorns.
Photo by John Hartman, Univ. of Kentucky,

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