Saturday, June 8, 2013

Drought effects linger in ornamental plants

After last year's drought in many parts of the country, some landscape plants are struggling to recover this spring. Some of the drought-related symptoms that are evident are late leaf-out, sparse tree canopies or shoot dieback. These symptoms are likely the lingering effects of the extreme heat and drought that most locations experienced last summer.

The main strategy to deal with trees and shrubs that are struggling this spring is to avoid additional stresses to the plants this summer. For trees that are slow to redevelop a canopy this summer, a low rate of fertilizer may be warranted. For trees and shrubs that have leafed out, but show significant crown dieback, dead shoots can be pruned out to improve appearance.
Trees, like this maple, damaged by last
year's drought  will need pruning to
 remove dead shoots and improve form.



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