Friday, February 8, 2013

Notes from the Garden - February 2013

February is the time we begin to have spring-like weather, if only for a few days. The first three days of February were so beautiful, a warm and balmy 72 F perfection. We are back to cooler weather, with rainstorms potentially through the weekend, but I believe that the worst of the cold weather (frost/ freezing in particular) is over. 

February also begins to show signs of new life in the garden. The nasturtiums, true to form, are beginning their bloom; the sweet peas are climbing their trellises, and the roses are turning out new leaves. The deciduous trees are still bare, but there are birds in their boughs picking at bugs. The signs of life pique my interest in the garden and help me mentally plan for the coming spring. Here are some of my signs:

Nasturtium blooms are popping up - not sure what causes the striations, but so uniquely lovely!
My first camellia bloom (planted last winter)
Snowdrops and pink heather are the harbingers of spring.
My first lemons - no more purchasing at grocery store!
Mother of Pearl rose tossing out new leaves
Early spring vegetables: Brassicas and lettuces
Blooming apple and butterfly flowers
Attempting to grow roses from cuttings - so far so good!
Climb little sweet peas, climb!
Calla lilies
Artichokes coming back from dormancy

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