Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinterest can help you plan your garden

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where members can "pin" ideas, by category (or board), that they want to save for a later date. One of National Garden Bureau's goals is to inspire more people to garden, so this online tool is a great place for this non-profit organization to do that. The organization jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon about a year ago and has created almost 60 different boards with over 3,000 pins, divided by gardening subject such as containers, herbs, etc.

Some of the National Garden Bureau's most popular boards are:
New Flowers, (new varieties provided by our members), with 128 pins
Cut Flowers, with 115 pins
Gardening Tips and How-To's, with 112 pins
Herbs, with 163 pins
Patio Pots and Containers, with 184 pins
Recipes from Your Garden, with 139 pins

National Garden Bureau is using Pinterest
to inspire more people to garden. 

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