Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Don't forget to recycle holiday greenery

Discarded holiday greenery can be used to provide food and cover for wildlife or chipped into mulch for landscape protection. Christmas trees and garland can be recycled to provide cover for winter birds.

Trees can also be recycled for mulch around your landscape. Smaller branches should be chopped or ground for wood chips for use in flower, tree and shrub beds. Larger branches can be cut into smaller bundles for winter protective mulch around newly planted perennials and small shrubs. These branches should be removed in the spring as the plants begin to grow again.
Many communities offer pick-up or drop-off services for discarded holiday trees. The trees are usually chipped for use as mulch in parks and other city properties. Some cities offer the wood chips to their citizens for use in their own yards.

Many communities chip Christmas trees for use as mulch in
parks and other city landscapes. Some cities offer wood chips
to their citizens for use in their own yards. 


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