Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Consider drought tolerant plants

This past summer's drought in many parts of the country resulting in water bans or restrictions may cause some gardeners to examine the water requirements of some of their favorite plants. Certain species of annuals and perennials are more drought tolerant than others. Drought tolerant plants still require water to survive, but have the ability to tolerate periods of little water.

All plants require water to become established in the garden. It is a good idea to incorporate compostof organic matter into the soil before planting to increase the soil's ability to retain moisture. Plants may be watered more efficiently by using soaker hoses or trickle irrigation systems. Also, consider applying organic mulches, black plastic mulch or landscape fabric to help reduce evaporation from the soil's surface.
Adding mulch to landscape beds can help
reduce evaporation from the soil's surface. 


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