Friday, August 26, 2011

Annual Tomato Festival (Late August Bloomday)

After a two year hiatus, the Annual Tomato Festival hosted in Papi & Mama Tomato's beautiful garden is back and better than ever! Not to steal Papi's thunder, but he has been very tardy in posting anything regarding his garden. So, for today's very late August Bloom day, I will be posting pictures of his fabulous garden and some of the delectable treats served to our guests at the Tomato Festival last weekend!

A Platter full of YUM! (Copia, Zapotec, & Azoycha)

Partial view of Papi's tomato beds facing northwest

Detail of tomato beds

Family Heirloom - Sweet Papoons (red peppers)

Oregano in bloom with lemon

Italian Ice Cherry Tomatoes

Detail of Italian Ice Cherry Tomatoes

Zapotec, the forerunner to Costoluto Genovese

The spreads: Italian salsa, pesto, and Hubby's tomato tartar (aka tomato crack, recipe forthcoming!)

Tomato beds facing south - can you see Papi hiding in the background?

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