Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Vistas Part II (June Bloomday)

June is such a wonderful month in the garden! Plants are on the grow, filling in empty spaces, blooming and producing fruit. The great wall of jasmine fills the patio with its sweet, relaxing fragrance. For a short time, I can sit back and enjoy the show. For this post, I will focus on the whole symphony of the garden, rather than the show stopping soloists. Though the individuals are pretty, the whole picture is much more impressive.

View of the garden from ground level facing east. In the foreground are tomatoes and sunflowers; in the background there are nasturtiums and plumeria.

View of the garden from the ground level facing south. In the foreground are more tomatoes and sunflowers; in the background is the butterfly garden and the patio.

View of the garden from the patio facing north. In the foreground are pony tail palm, jasmine, kangaroo paw, herb garden, Mexican sage, and succulents. In the background are more tomatoes.

View of the garden facing west. In the foreground are collard greens and tomatoes; in the background are plumeria, sunflowers, pony tail palm and more tomatoes.

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